Basamro Chess Tournament 01/06/2013 – 02/06/2013

donderdag,11 april 2013

BASAMRO Logistics Group strives continuously to improve its ties with her international trading partners world wide.
In 2013, the “Year of international relations between the Russion Federation and The Netherlands”, we focus our attention at strengthening the close relationship with our allies in Russia.
In this effort we aim at finding a common goal for both countries to share ideas and experiences.
For several decades chess has been this common ground where both countries excel at.

Together with the help of the Dutch National Chess Federation and the Pathena Chess Organisation, we proudly present the first international BASAMRO Chess Tournament!

4 Teams will compete in a 2-day tournament on the SS Rotterdam, the best on the water boat/hotel location for events like this.

Each team consists of 8 players, aged between 12 and 16 years, holding a FIDE rating between 1000 and 1800.

Besides our young talents, we are also proud to share that a famous International Grand Master will be attending this event.

He will be giving a Master Class Clinic and play simultaneous chess against these young players.

More details about this event will follow soon.

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