Second International BASAMRO Chess Tournament 2014

donderdag,12 december 2013

After a tremendous success of the First International BASAMRO Chess Tournament which was held in Rotterdam in 2013, the “Year of international relations between the Russian Federation and The Netherlands”, we are pleased to inform you that the organizing committee has decided to proceed with this wonderful tradition.

This spring, 17 and 18 May 2014, the Second International BASAMRO Chess Tournament will take place in a beautiful city of Murmansk, Russia. 4 teams will be doing their best in order to win the tournament of the year 2014. Besides the teams from Rotterdam and Murmansk, whose skills we have already seen in Rotterdam, the teams from Archangelsk and Kaliningrad will step into the tournament.

For more information on the tournament, participating or just coming out to cheer, call +31-10-5013900 or visit